Grey Von Cannon (b. 1994) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Durham, NC where she works full-time as a studio artist. She holds a BFA in Metalsmithing and Painting from Appalachian State University where she began collaborating with painting and metalsmithing to create succinct works of art. She unites fragile sculptures with raw, expressive paintings to explore vulnerability, home and identity.


Threading together fragile sculptures, found objects and bold paintings creates a visual representation of my experience of home and all of its tensions and comforts. Often viewed as too much, I choose to create from a place of abundance and eagerness. I paint with the full spectrum of color and use myself as the subject of my artwork, which enables me to approach my work with vulnerability and raw emotion. My relationship with my body and my identity as a lesbian have grown alongside my paintings, while the sculptural works have taught me to unapologetically take up space. I have learned to develop a relationship with the unknown and embrace floating in between belonging and seeking; always choosing openness.